I was introduced to Niall several years ago and sat under his excellent teaching on grace - a subject that very few seem to have a correct understanding on. That night I left with a copy of Niall's book "Whatever happened to the Good News." A couple of days later I was in my garden reading the book when my phone rang. It was hard for me to speak as I was sobbing my heart out because of the truth being revealed to me, can you imagine my surprise when I heard Niall’s voice!


I am thrilled that Niall now has a website and his teaching is more widely available! For those that think I was just being a cry baby, well on a personal level He took my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh! 

John Gurr, Surrey


I met Niall Walshe in 1996 when holidaying with my family in Devon. Niall was leading a mission with a group of ex-homeless lads and some other friends to the village of Torcross in south Devon. Meeting the lads and experiencing their faith despite them still struggling with many of life’s big issues challenged me to the core. I had been saved 15 years beforehand and had begun to forget where I had come from all those years ago. I had taken some time out of mainstream Church that year and was blessed to meet Niall and the others during this time.


We met up with Niall and the lads back in Surrey where we all came from and began to hear teaching on Jesus, God’s Grace and Truth.  Initially this was through conversation and later on through formal teachings. The message of grace impacted my life and helped to mould me into someone far more compassionate to those around me. I was working in school as a Teaching Assistant and the message changed my outlook on both looking at the lives of the pupils as well as the teachers. I found myself praying for all those that I worked with and specifically for a particular teacher and one of her pupils that until then had made some of my school life quite unpleasant. They both began to turn around and the relationships were deeply enhanced. In 2001 we were thrilled that Niall published the teachings into a book - “Whatever Happened to the Good News?” We still loan our copies out as we meet those who have received a confused mix of Old and New Covenant teachings.


Understanding exactly what God has done in sending Jesus to the cross for me, has helped me to see others through His eyes.  It has brought a freedom and security that compels me to want to share this good news. I have gone on to do Prison Ministry and Pastoral work with a heart of compassion, that has come through this amazingly, liberating teaching. 

Gilly Ridout, Torquay, South Devon



It is now approximately 15/16 years since we heard the message of Grace from Niall and It has been a life changing message for us. We would never have said we were legalistic Christians before hearing the truth about Grace, but that’s exactly what we were. The freedom from condemnation can only come through hearing and accepting God’s grace and we continue to live in this truth enjoying God’s unconditional peace and love. We have had to accept that many Christians believe in Grace + (some elements of the law), which then surely negates the free gift offered to us? Our love for God has grown, along with our gratitude for all He did on the cross and acceptance of His love that continues day by day. Our tolerance and acceptance of others has also grown as we seek to impart the grace given to us. We are just so grateful for the day we first heard & understood the fullness of God’s grace.

Lynn & Anthony. Mitcham, Surrey


Many years ago, God spoke to me in a dream, at a time when I did not believe He spoke to the likes of me, and said, “I have a task for you.” My response was to run away from Him as I did not believe I was up to any task of God. He did not tell me at that time what that task was, but He took me on a journey for a few years before He revealed that task to me.


On this journey, Niall featured very prominently and was the only person, besides God who partnered me.  We spent a lot of time together with the Scriptures and were brought through to an understanding of God’s grace, which as a long-standing Church going Christian (over 30 years) I had not grasped at all. It was then that God, through His Scriptures revealed the task He had for me, which was, “…to testify to the Gospel of God’s Grace!” I am extremely grateful to God and the partnership of Niall to have brought me through to where I am, marvelling at and testifying to the wonder of God’s amazing Grace!


Since beginning to understand God’s grace it has completely transformed how I view and relate to God, how I view myself and how I view others. The Gospel of God’s grace has truly been a life changer! For over 30 years as a Christian I ran with a mixed message, a mixed covenant, old and new - which was no Gospel at all. I was convinced the mixed covenant was the Christian message. Having been to many Churches, where I see many devout, long-standing Christians still running with the mixed covenant message I used to run with, I now understand why God gave me that task of “Testifying to the Gospel of God’s grace.” If, when God first spoke to me, He told me what the task was I would have been absolutely confused. He had to take me on a journey with my dear brother Niall, before He could reveal the task He had for me, so that I would truly know the real importance of that task! One first needs to truly know the wonder of God’s grace before being able to testify to it!

Sahan Thalayasingam. Member of PCC & Leadership Team, C of E Parish, North London



My name is Shirley and I have always believed in Jesus since I was a little girl. My parents went to Church on and off and I started going to Church regularly on my own from the age of 11. Faith in Jesus and being involved in the Church became my mainstay and I enjoyed Church life.


My life moved on as I got older and I went to a few churches along the way. Most of these Churches had sound teaching about the love of Jesus but I became aware over the years of ‘never feeling I’d hit the mark’ and to be honest, feeling a bit of a failure in my Christian life – not good I thought. I had always thought there was too much emphasis on sin and doing the wrong things and ‘not being worthy’ of Jesus. I thought “Hey, I know I’m not what I should be – I don’t need to be reminded every week”.  None of us, Christians or non-Christians – can say we are always loving to one another and don’t have bad thoughts – feelings etc – we are human after all.


Roll forward to about 2002 and I met Niall and some of his friends and we would meet up at various places and Niall spoke about the grace of Jesus in a way I hadn’t heard before, i.e. we don’t have to earn it. Suddenly I felt free – the grace of Jesus was the truth of the gospel.  It wasn’t ‘beating myself up’ all the time for the wrong things I did. In other words, Jesus died for our sins on the cross, so we don’t have to pay the price – otherwise Jesus died for nothing. 


This gave my mind a certain kind of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before, and it has never left me really – so thank you Niall! I have the greatest respect for all religions and the last thing I would want to do is judge anyone or any Church, but I feel, over the years, that I am at long last, on the right track, knowing the grace of Jesus and trusting in Him, no matter what.

Shirley Horton. Snodland, Kent

I have to say, without seeming over the top, that "Whatever Happened to the Good News" is the best Christian book on grace (outside of the Bible itself) that I have ever read.  After 16 years, I still have it in my possession and to date have read it 5 times!  I also use it for reference purposes from time to time as, to me, it seems to lend itself to this also.


Apart from having read it so many times, this is the best recommendation that I can give;  this is a book that God REALLY wanted my wife and myself to read, as He moved us on in our faith, from law to grace.  Here is what happened:


I woke up one Saturday morning and Pauline was amazed when I suggested that we should go to the Christian book shop, saying, "But you hate going to the Christian book shop!" I was amazed myself as I said, "Yes, I know but today I have to go!"  She said, "OK, we can go to the local one." She was further surprised when I said, "No, not that one, the one in Kingston!" "But you hate going to Kingston." she said. My response was, "That's true but today I have to go to that Christian Book Shop!"


In the shop, I had a bundle of books under my arm.  Pauline took one and after a few moments said, "Get this one!"  "This one" turned out to be "Whatever Happened to the Good News?" by Niall Walshe.


We both read the book, accepted the things we read as God's  confirmation of so much that He was saying to us, at that time. 


Being so taken with the book, we wanted to buy more copies & contacted the shop. Our desire was to share with other people what we had learned about His grace and His amazing way of confirming what He had shown us!  What happened next was truly incredible.  The lady at the book shop said, "We have never had that book in the shop and we cannot get you any more as it is out of print!"


"Whatever Happened to the Good News" is a truly wonderful book, bringing to light the grace of God that the Church, churches and the world needs to hear about.  Please read it with an open mind and an open heart and be blessed.

Nick and Pauline Lambert, Orgiva, Spain

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