This is what I believe to be the basis of the Christian faith:


1. There is one tripartite God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - who created all that is seen and unseen

2. Jesus Christ is God's one and only begotten Son

3. Jesus came into the world to save mankind from their sins by taking the penalty for sin upon Himself,

once for all, on Calvary's cross, before being raised from the dead and ascending into heaven.

4. There is no other way to be right with God except through Jesus

5. That all that is required to benefit from Christ's sacrifice is faith alone in Him alone

6. That the relationship with God that comes through that faith will produce changes in a Christian's life,

but that those changes will be individual in rate and depth

7. That the Holy Spirit is the Person of God at work in the world today,

especially in and through the lives of Christians

8. The Bible is the only revealed Word of God. It is true and infallible and applies to all mankind for all time

9. That a day is coming when all will see the return of Jesus Christ in power and glory

10. That although many Christian denominations and churches exist,

we are all able to fellowship together in unity around these basic truths of the Christian faith

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