The section "The problem between God and man"          "Behold the Lamb of God..."              has already shown how Jesus Christ is the

    answer to the problem between God and man. In                                                        John 1:29     fact, the whole of Christianity hinges upon

    faith in Jesus - who He is and what He did. One                                                                                   thing is sure, Jesus has made a greater

    impact upon this world than any other individual.                                                                              Quite simply, we divide our history into two

    parts - BC and AD, history before Jesus came and                                                                               history after Jesus. How could a man, born

    to a humble carpenter in a small town, in an                                                                                       unimportant country on the edges of the

    Roman Empire possibly have such an impact on                                                                                the whole world?


    The Bible has much to say about Jesus - both in                                                                                 the Old and New Testaments. Some of

    what it says is laid out below. One thing that we                                                                                cannot afford to do is ignore the person of

    Jesus. We know that, historically, He really did                                                                                    exist and from the legal records of the time

    that He really was crucified. Common criminal,                                                                                  deluded do-gooder - or the Son of God? Is

    He the cornerstone of our faith, or a stumbling                                                                                  block to believing?

                                         The most important  decision we will ever make in this life is deciding who we think Jesus is really.

Bible prophecies and teachings concerning Jesus
    Having accepted that the Bible is the revealed Word of God to man, it then becomes important to

  find out what The Bible (in other words, what God) says about its central character - Jesus Christ.


Some of the specific Bible prophecies concerning Jesus


  Scripture                              Time (approx.)                               Subject                                                 Fulfilled

  Genesis 17:19                       1,500 years BC                                 Descendent of Isaac                            Luke 3:34

  Genesis 49:10                       1,500 years BC                                 From the tribe of Judah                      Luke 3:33

  Psalm 2:7                               1,055-1,015BC                                 The Son of God                                    Matthew 3:17

  Psalm 8:2                               1,055-1,015BC                                 Praised by children                            Matthew 21:15-16

  Psalm 16:10                           1,055-1,015BC                                To be raised from death                     Mark 16:6-7

  Psalm 22:16                           1,055-1.015BC                                 Hands and feet pierced                      John 20:27

  Psalm 22:17-18                     1,055-1,015BC                                 Clothes gambled for                           Matthew 27:35-36

  Psalm 34:20                           1,055-1,015BC                                 No bones broken                                John 19:32-36

  Psalm 41:9                              1,055-1,015BC                                Betrayed by a friend                           Luke 22:47-48

  Psalm 69:21                            1,055-1.015BC                                Given gall & vinegar                           Matthew 27:34,48

  Psalm 78:2-4                          1,100-1,015BC                                 Teacher in parables                            Matthew 13:34-35

  Isaiah 7:14                              9-600 years BC                                 Galilean ministry                                Matthew 4:13-16

  Isaiah 9:6-7                             9-600 years BC                                 Heir to David’s throne                       Luke 1:32-33

  Isaiah 40:3-5                           9-600 years BC                                 His way prepared                               Luke 3:3-6

  Isaiah 50:6                               9-600 years BC                                Spat on and struck                              Matthew 26:67

  Isaiah 53:3                               9-600 years BC                                Rejected by men                                  John 1:11

  Isaiah 53:5                               9-600 years BC                                Punished for others                             Romans 5:6-8

  Isaiah 53:7                               9-600 years BC                                Silent before accusers                          Mark 15:4-5

  Isaiah 53:12                             9-600 years BC                                Counted as a criminal                          Mark 15:27-28

  Jeremiah 31:15                        9-600 years BC                                Killing of the children                          Matthew 2:16-18

  Hosea 11:1                               9-600 years BC                                Fleeing to Egypt                                Matthew 2:14-15

  Micah 5:2                                 9-600 years BC                                Born in Bethlehem                              Luke 2:4-7

  Zechariah 9:9                          9-600 years BC                                 Entry into Jerusalem                           Matthew 11:7-11

  Zechariah 11:12                      9-600 years BC                                Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver         Matthew 26:14-15

  Zechariah 12:10                      9-600 years BC                                His side pierced                                    John 19:34

  Malachi 3:1                              6-400 years BC                                Messenger comes first                         Luke 7:24-27



Some teachings concerning Jesus

  These are some teachings about who Jesus is and what is His role. They are just a handful of the many, many

  Scriptures that the Bible contains relating to the person and role of Jesus Christ.


  Isaiah 9:6                          He is God

  John 1:17                          He is the bringer of grace and truth

  John 1:29                          He takes away the sin of the world

  John 6:35                          He is the sustainer of life

  John 14:6                          He is the only way to God

  John 20:28                        He is God

  Acts 10:36                         He is Lord of all

  Romans 9:5                      He is God

  1 Corinthians 5:7             He is our Passover Lamb

  2 Corinthians 4:4             He is the image of God

  Colossians 1:15                He is the image of God

  Colossians 1:16                He is the Head of the Church

  Colossians 1:20                He reconciles us to God

  1 Timothy 1:15                 He came to save sinners

  1 Timothy 2:5                   He mediates between God and man

  1 Timothy 2:6                   He gave Himself as our ransom

  Hebrews 5:9                     He is the source of eternal salvation

  1 John 2:1                          He speaks up on our behalf

  1 John 2:2                          He was punished for our wrongdoing

  Revelation 1:5                   He is the Ruler of earth’s rulers

  Revelation 1:5                   He has freed us from our sins


  We cannot accept the Bible as true without accepting Jesus as the Son of God and the Saviour of mankind.

  Similarly, we cannot accept Jesus as Son of God and Saviour without accepting the Bible as the revealed Word of

  God. At one time (Matthew 16:15) Jesus asked the Apostle Peter, and today asks each one of us, "Who do YOU say I


  This is just a very quick overview of some of the facts about Jesus. If you have any questions about Jesus, or any

  other questions, please e-mail your questions for a personal response.

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