1985: I became a Christian through reading the Bible whilst working in Saudi Arabia.


1986 – 1999: Running a Christian project (TACCL) in London taking in young homeless people. It was a faith work – with no income and no fundraising - for which the Lord faithfully provided throughout its 13-year ministry. Of this work, Rob White, the then National Director of British Youth for Christ said, "There is no doubt that TACCL is facing head-on the challenge of young homelessness by providing thoroughly practical demonstrations of God's love and care." And the then head of the Evangelical Alliance, Peter Meadows, said the story of TACCL was, "A stunning story of vision, self-sacrifice and life-changing impact."


1989 – ongoing: Preaching and teaching ministry, around the UK and overseas. Preaching a grace based message in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1995, I was tackled after the service by a very angry lady who said that I had been preaching licence. It was reputedly the great 19th century preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon who

said, "If what you are preaching cannot be mistaken for licence then what you are preaching is not the Gospel." Immediately after the angry lady came a man who declared, "That was just in time. I have tried so hard to be a good Christian, and ruined my marriage in the process, that I was just about to give up. Now I have new hope." What is mistakenly licence to one, is liberty and hope to another.


1993: Preaching/teaching & aid trip to Romania. Introduced to the teachings of the brilliant Bible teacher Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey, who significantly developed my own understanding of the Gospel.

1994: Preaching and teaching in Sri Lanka. One man who sat under my teaching informed me that he was just about to start a youth ministry with his church but that, having heard the message of God's grace, he would now be running the ministry significantly differently to how he had originally planned.


1995: Founded The Well Fellowship in London, aimed at those who found it difficult to fit into the usual church meetings & structures.


1997 (March): Preaching and teaching mission in Russia. At a time when many were rushing to Russia to preach and teach the newly liberated Russians, the Lord gave me a word for the Pastor of the church with whom I was working. The word to the Pastor was, "Many will come teaching My people how to obey Me, I want you to teach My people how to love Me." I have since come to believe that this is also a word for the wider church. As Jesus said, "If you love Me, you will obey Me." The love comes first.


1997 (April): The first all-day teaching meeting around “The Grace of God.”


1998 & 1999: Mission trips to Zimbabwe, leading a team, to build an orphanage.


2001: My book, “Whatever happened to the Good News?” published by Pentland Press. The late Reverend Rob Frost (Founder of SEED Teams and Easter People) described this book as "a prophetic word for the church." One reader wrote, "An excellent and inspiring book. I am very glad that I bought this book. I found it to be an inspiration. A much deeper understanding of the meaning of grace and I liked the fact that it was well referenced throughout."


2003: Moved to Devon and started another Well Fellowship. The Well provided a teaching ministry for Christians for those who felt they were not growing spiritually at their regular churches. Our meetings were blessed with spiritual and emotional healings, and physical healings through the laying on of hands, and many developed a more vibrant, grace-based relationship with the Lord. The Well Fellowship led two services each month in Dartmoor Prison, where we saw inmates come to Christ.


2007: Set up a Christian website, which the Lord blessed with thousands of members across the globe. Many members received the Gospel in a number of closed countries including China, Iran, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.


2009 (February): Teaching at a newly opened Bible School in Nepal, shortly after the war between the Maoist rebels and the Nepalese Government ended. One of the students was a former Maoist rebel, but is now a committed servant of the Gospel, with a sound knowledge of the grace of God.


2009 (October) – 2011: Based in Uganda setting up/managing a programme to create sustainable self-sufficiency in rural villages. The successful pilot project has been extended into a Nairobi slum, Kenya, where I helped a local Christian establish what is now a self-sufficient pig, poultry & crop farming project to fund a school for the children of the slum. The humanitarian work in both Uganda and Kenya was accompanied by a full programme of preaching/teaching, including events specifically for leaders and pastors from across both countries.

2013: Managing a Salvation Army hostel for the young homeless in Cardiff, Wales.


2015 - 2017: Collating my preaching & teaching material for a new Christian website - which provides discipleship material, “Christianity: Learning it, Living it," designed to take anyone from spiritual infancy through to leadership capability - and for a new series of Bible teaching events.

2018: Launch of the website and the teaching series

I don't lay claim to a ministry of signs and wonders, but I have been used to bring healing, deliverance, words of knowledge and prophecy on a regular basis throughout my 30 years of preaching and teaching.

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