Bible teaching events


A Bible teaching event consists of four sessions in one day, each covering a topic of the

church’s choice. A selection of topics is presented below but in addition to these a church

may pick any topic it chooses for a bespoke teaching presentation. Many of the topics

covered in the discipleship material are suitable for expansion into teaching sessions.


Understanding grace

Exploring the importance of living under the grace-based teachings of Christ –

illustrating the benefits of doing so and the problems associated with not doing so.

Many will be able to relate this to their own problematic experiences in their relationship with God, and with other Christians.


Jesus’ grace parables

Many of Jesus’ parables, whose meanings are clouded for many people – then and now – were illustrations of the grace message that He came to bring, the very message that was supposed to replace the rules and regulations approach of the Church to God. This session clarifies the meanings of some of the best known, yet frequently mis-taught, parables including the Parables of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son.


Secure in grace

The grace revealed in the Bible can produce – particularly as it flies in the face of so much inherited and entrenched incorrect Biblical teaching – a sense of insecurity about the Christian’s standing before God. This session allays those fears and shows Biblically how the Christian can be completely secure in the grace of God.


Grace: Easy option, or source of power?

Some may shy away from the message of grace, and so the message of the Bible, because the message seems to be, “You can do whatever you want.” So, grace can be understood as the easy option. But is it? Or is it, in fact, the source of power in a Christian’s life? And is it because we have set aside that source of power that the Christian Church has become so powerless and ineffective? This session answers those questions.


Separating the Covenants

The Ten Commandments have been incorrectly absorbed into the Christian Church and, in that happening, the foundations have been laid for a fundamentally flawed relationship with God, and a rendering ineffective of the Christian Gospel.



Examining the foundational message that Jesus proclaimed, and showing how repentance has become seriously mis-taught in Christianity and, in that process, stripped Christianity of one of the major pillars of Christ’s teachings.



This session shows how an inadequate understanding of what the Bible teaches about righteousness has left untold numbers of Christians striving to achieve something that they simply cannot achieve. With much of the Church engaged on this wild goose chase, Christianity has lost its relevance and effectiveness in the modern world.


The majority of Christians have yet to receive the forgiveness that the Bible teaches is available. For many it remains, contrary to Biblical teaching, something to be attained on an almost daily basis. This leaves Christians with a sense of insecurity regarding their salvation and allows false doctrines, like that of the existence of Purgatory, to arise.



Many believe that obedience to God is a prerequisite for salvation. It will come as a shock for untold numbers of Christians to hear that this is not the case. This session uses the Bible to prove that obedience to God is not an obligation of Christianity – and also to explain what God really teaches about obedience.


Does a Christian sin?

What is sin? What is the Christian’s responsibility in maintaining our relationship with God after salvation? What is the impact of our day-to-day lives on that relationship? Establishing Biblical answers to these, and other, crucial questions about sin in relation

to the Christian.


Some very ordinary people

This session shows how the “Greats” of the Bible were very ordinary people with a host of shortcomings – just like the rest of us. It is a session that brings hope to all of us as it highlights that God is perfectly willing and able to use ordinary people, battling various human frailties, to achieve extra-ordinary things.


“…as of first importance…”

In 1 Corinthians 15 the Apostle Paul identifies six fundamental doctrines that are “of first importance” to the Church. This session presents a very clear explanation of what are the foundational doctrines of the “Good News” and, for this reason, will be found

extremely helpful by both Christians and non-Christians alike.


Who we are in Christ

A look at some of what Christ has achieved for the Christian, and who we are because of that achievement.




Details for each day

Each day comprises four 1½ hour teaching sessions. These teaching events are available to groups of 10 or more.


These teaching days are provided free of charge except for agreed travel costs.


Churches can create their own programme from the material listed (including the discipleship material topics).


I welcome ‘phone calls/e-mails/Skype if you’d like to discuss the matter further.


Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey played a significant part in developing my understanding of the Gospel and, for that reason, his CV can be seen on a separate page.


Proposed timings for the teaching event


                                                                          9.00   Opening prayers and worship


                                                                          9.30   Session 1


                                                                        11.00   Break for coffee


                                                                        11.15   Session 2


                                                                        12.45   Lunch


                                                                        13.15   Session 3


                                                                        14.45   Break for coffee


                                                                        15.00   Session 4


                                                                        16.30   Finish


These timings can be adjusted to suit the church’s requirements.

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